Dogwood Hill's Rebel Yell
Champion Indian River's Virginia Gentleman
In Memory
 "Magic" - Rest in Peace
Shenandoah Valley's Gibson Girl

Champion Paddington's Southern Comfort
"Stump" - Retired
Stump is what is referred to as a dilute. The brownish nose and hazel eyes is what cosmetically makes dilutes look different from other Mi-Kis. He is a solid chocolate color which has lightened significantly over the years. The solid chocolates are highly prized by breeders.

Ear type can change as well as color while a Mi-Ki is maturing. It is almost impossible for a breeder to guarantee a color or ear type.

One Hundred Percent Mi-Ki

Our Mi-Kis come first. We spare no expense when it comes to their physical and emotional well being. They feel safe and loved in a serene country environment.

All of our breeding Mi-Kis have been DNA tested for Breed Identification (100% Mi-Ki) and cleared of 150+ disease causing mutations.
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Our Mi-Kis are equal members of our family in everyway. All Mi-Kis are magical and deserve to be pampered by their human owners.

We are very selective regarding the placement of our puppies.

Shenandoah Valley Mi-Ki
Descendant From the Original  Purebred Lines
Sky Mountain's Valley Boy

Paddington's Apple Blossom