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Due to recent legislation, we want our serious, prospective buyers to know, if it is at all possible geographically,  they are welcome and encouraged to come visit our home. Meeting the parents of our puppies and seeing the environment in which they were raised is an important part of the process.

We are proud of our small breeding program and love to show our Mi-Kis off!
Come Visit Us

Shenandoah Valley Mi-Kis
 Descendant From the Original Purebred Mi-Kis.

Prospective Buyers are required to:

Have their Mi-Ki spayed or neutered. We do not sell our puppies as breeders.

Not have any small children in the home who are to young to know how to handle and care for a toy Mi-Ki,

Understand the responsibility involved in keeping a toy dog safe,

Provide assurance that someone will be at home with the puppy, at least on a part-time basis,

Return the Mi-Ki to the seller, at any time for any reason, if things do not work out,

In compliance with the law, will never hit, kick, or abuse their Mi-Ki,

Dedicate themselves to potty training the puppy with a method that best suits their lifestyle,

Treat their Mi-Ki like he/she is their most precious possession.

The Seller Agrees To:

Provide the buyer with a healthy, well socialized Mi-Ki puppy, that is eating well and trained to go to the bathroom on indoor disposable pads,

Provide the buyer with a one year health guarantee for any life threatening congenital defects,

Provide the buyer with Mi-Ki Breeders USA, Inc. registrations papers, a three generation pedigree, and health record. All puppies will have had their first puppy immunizations before they are released,

Take the Mi-Ki back at any time during its life, for any reason,

Provide the buyer with a puppy care package that will include food, pads, treats, toys and blankets to help make the transition as smooth for the puppy as possible,

Work with the buyer to determine a date and location for transfer of the puppy that will be convenient for both parties. For a fee, arrangements can be made for a pet courier to transport the puppy in the cabin of most commercial airlines,

Give discounts to customers buying more then one puppy.

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