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Shenandoah Valley Mi-Kis
 Descendant From the Original Purebred Lines

Mi-Ki Puppies For Sale, Born February 12, 2019! - Sold
Please Check Back in the Fall of 2019

Long Coat Mi-Kis

The long coats boast a silky and straight, single coat. They come in an array of beautiful colors, with feathers on the ears and a full mustache and beard on the face.They do require regular grooming but surprisingly they are not big shedders. Their puppy colors generally lightened
 significantly as adults.

Smooth Coat Mi-Kis

Rare and highly sought after, these Mi-Kis require very little maintenance, if any. Their coat grows to a medium length and lay close to the body. They do not have a beard or a mustache on their faces but do have enchanting fringing on their ears and feathering on their legs.