DNA Testing for Paternity
Testing for Possible Genetic Health Issues

We support any testing that is available to a breeder that will ensure the long term health of a puppy or adult Mi-Ki. Toy breeds, because of their small stature and organs, are known to be prone to developing certain health issues. There are many tests available to breeders that can be of great value in the selection of  sound breeding stock However, even the most responsible of breeders cannot unequivocally guarantee that a puppy will be healthy and free of certain diseases for their entire life. Before our puppies are released they are are examined by a licensed veterinarian for any congenial conditions that may already exist. Since most serious health issues develop within the first year of life, we offer a one year health guarantee for any life threatening, symptomatic, congenital condition that develops after they have been placed in their new home.

DNA Testing for Heritage Identification/Closed Registry

There is so much discussion on the Internet regarding DNA testing as a general term that have many breeders as well as prospective buyers totally confused and unable to wade through all of the research that is available.to them. We share the philosophy that Mi-Kis share an ancestry with the Maltese, Japanese Chin, and Papillon.  Some breeders are determined to prove that there are a myriad of other breeds in their ancestry as well and there very well may be. However, as a member of Mi-Ki Breeders USA, which is a closed registry,  Shenandoah Valley Mi-Kis is concerned that expanding the gene pool to include dogs that are not descendant from the original purebred M i-Kis, will and already has comprimised the integrity of this magnificent breed.

We support DNA testing for parentage.. However, as a closed registry, Mi-Ki Breeders USA does not require it from their breeders unless there is strong reason to suspect that an unplanned breeding as occurred. We have been breeding Mi-Kis for over 15 years. We are a very small in home breeder that plans and witnesses every breeding that takes place. That being said, anyone who has more than one unneutered male in their home is at risk of a possible accidental mishap. Our males have been DNA' d and in the event there would ever be a suspicion that such a breech of ethics had occurred, the puppies, and the dam would be swabbed as well for the purpose of confirming paternity.

The Internet

We receive quite a few very good questions  from prospective buyers about issues they have read about on the Internet, especially those who have never previously seen or owned a        Mi-Ki. We encourage anyone seriously interested in purchasing a Mi-Ki to do their 
research and homework . Although we may disagree on certain philosophical issues, we do support other ethical Mi-Ki breeders whose dogs are registered 
with reputable  Mi-Ki only registeries.

Our DNA Testing Results

All of our breeding Mi-Kis have been DNA tested for Breed Identification (100% Mi-Ki) and cleared of 150+ disease causing mutations.

Shenandoah Valley Mi-Kis
Descendant From the Original Purebred Lines.
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The Mi-Ki

The Mi-Ki Is a proud and very refined toy breed. They carry their heads high with the tail curved over the back and move smoothly with dignity and grace, There are two varieties, the long coat and the smooth coat. The average adult weight is 4 - 8 pounds. Both varieties come in an array of beautiful colors. Their ears are their signature, often being referred to as e woks! Some flop over, others wing (as if to wave at you) and others stand up. All types are acceptable. It is very difficult for a Mi-Ki breeder to guarantee color, ear type, or weight, as all three can change before a puppy becomes an adult. Both varieties shed very little if any. The Mi-Ki is intelligent, calm and extremely adaptable to any environment. They are easy to train and get along well with other animals and children. The are not big barkers and manage to enchant anyone who comes into contact with them.